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Thread: Obscure Classics 11: The Wayward Bus by the Magnetic Fields

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    Default Obscure Classics 11: The Wayward Bus by the Magnetic Fields

    I've been out of this for a while now, but I thought I might as well start up again and present an album very dear to me

    Most of us are probably familiar with the Magnetic Fields legendary "69 Love Songs", but people really tend to neglect the band's early output. "The Wayward Bus" is the band's second album, and without question my favorite. The music is quite simple, sweet synth driven indie pop with soft female vocals (this before Merritt himself took over on the vocal front) and lyrics discussing lost love... or so you'd think upon first listen. See, "The Wayward Bus" is one of those where the brilliance of it creeps up on you over time, and unravels, revealing the hidden brilliance. The songs (namely the first four tracks) have been helping get through some hard times recently, and I really think it's a shame that so few will have the oppurtunity to hear it. Maybe this article can help rectify that. Nah, it won't but still

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