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    Thoughts on Carolina Liar's "Show me what I'm looking for" song from the Coming to Terms album (released May 2008).
    This song was featured on the Hills in April of 2008, I have not really seen an overwhelming response but I have a few questions about this kind of song. I would love to hear your thoughts in response.
    You can check out their myspace page and listen to the song for free at
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    We are all looking for something, right? There seems to be this insatiable hunger that no matter how awesome life is we still want more. So we make friends, make a career, explore the world, love, live and get hurt while we're at it. The song is crying for revelation, "show me what I'm looking for." And these guys say "I'll pay any cost" in order to leave behind the pain of abuse and confusion.

    Can we even see what we're looking for when it's right in front of our face? How do we get past all the shit in life and actually see and hear what is around us? How have we for generations continued to move through the day to day? The good, the bad the ugly. Music is such a brilliant and familiar arena for us to explore these questions, I love it.

    What do you think? Can we be saved by a relationship, a job, financial security, freedom from illness? "I can't do better than this." Then what do we hold on to?

    Just as a side note and probably a glimpse into my own understanding of this, I see so much language about God and salvation in this I do think that there is an ultimate hope that we can trust in beyond ourselves, thank goodness!

    Peace Friends!
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