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Thread: Attention to musicians around the world if you want something extra!!!

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    Default Attention to musicians around the world if you want something extra!!!


    My name is Jamie Isherwood and i am looking for other musicians to possibly make a project come to life.

    I have been writing an albums worth of material for the past few months and myself and my friend mark who is an amazing drummer would like to see if theres any other like minded musicians out there.

    The style of the material is a mixture of:Epic progressive elements mixed with metal core riffs and hooks, southern fills, brutal death metal and tech metal sections, beat downs as well as the odd bit of evil circus music thrown in for gud measure.

    Think of bands like:

    August Burns Red
    Protest The Hero
    The Chariot
    Norma Jean
    The Bled
    Devil Sold His Soul
    The Black Dahlia Murder

    its quite a mixture but sounds the nuts, the only problem is finding people is tough, and we are looking for a high quality caliber of player.

    we would ideally like to email with people build up a solid group and then once tracks have been sent bk n forth me and mark would fly out to where ever people are and rehearse the tracks possibly with a gig at the end to judge how the tracks go down with the public.

    i understand this is quite an unusual approach to starting a band but believe with the right people it would work and in the right environment/dedication would astound a lot of people, and possibly go on to be something amazing.

    I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears and i hope you all get in touch with me asap.

    Look forward to hearing from you


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    hi and welcome to MD(even though its obvious that you are only here to get what you want rather than discuss music)

    its good seeing someone being pro-active by whatever means they can, and its good for you that you didnt post links or a direct advertisment or the post would have been deleted.

    i hope you manage some response to your request and im sure we'd all be intersted in what eventuates...but please do not post a post like htis one again...we have a memebr here who makes his own music(JEROME) and he never tries to promote himself here, just simply gives us the odd update of how things are going and if anyone wishes to buy or get copies of his sounds it is done via PM or email...


    regards CRAZY-HORSE

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