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Thread: Have you hard M.D.N.A.?

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    Default Have you hard M.D.N.A.?

    The queen of pop keeps getting down in her music at age of 54 more than all of us do.
    But undercover the girl’s under huge pressure. So what if Gaga got into hibernation? She is still threatened by the changing musical world which admires pop, especially young (and yet abominable) dance-pop, and she seems to be the good granny instead of a party-rocker. After her miserable Hard Candy she doesn’t give up or try to reinvent herself like she did in her adorable electro-dance album Confessions on the Dance Floor (her ginger period), but records a lukewarm regular pop album.
    After few listens I marked the six proper songs the album contains:
    Girl Gone Wild, the second single, enters the list just because it’s fun and unperturbed; violent Gang Bang sounds like a long intro to a club-banger, but it’s still the most unusual track on this record; I'm Addictedis well produced, and, well, addictive; I Don’t Give A (featuring Nicki Minaj) is the teenage-rebellion of the album but it’s still a cool track; Love Spent is truly a great electro-pop song (it reminds me a little bit of Hung Up), the most innovative track Madonna has made in years in her new field; and B-Day Song, a bonus track featuring M.I.A., is extremely childish – at first I despised it but now I’m kinda loving this song, it just makes you feel good.

    All the rest of the songs are just… monotonous. Turn Up the Radio is gay (literally) and ingratiating; Superstar is ludicrous; the two closing ballads Masterpiece and Falling Free are quite boring. Give Me All You Luvin', the first single, is a shame for Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. who only have 2 lines each in the song.
    Madoona may still seem fun, but she’s unimaginative and unoriginal. To devoted fans only.

    So, what do you think?

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    I think it is a nice review, but you shouldn't violate forum policy by including links
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    dont think i'll be getting this new MDNA album...
    i started to go off her after 2000's "music" album, and her last couple, "hard candy" and "confessions..." were simply aweful and from what ive heard from "mdna" this one is no better than those two!

    like Music Head the links, and thansk for the saves me listening to the album LOL!

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    Don't think I'll be getting this one either. I like Madonna, but lately, I don't know, I just feel that she's trying to hard.

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    went off her when she crucified McLean's "american pie"!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZY-HORSE View Post
    went off her when she crucified McLean's "american pie"!!!!
    I actually didn't mind her version, but it was right around that time when I went off her too

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