Disparate Youth!

I believe in Santigold.
Santi released her nice debut album Santogold (formerly self-titled) in 2008. At first I didn’t like it; it seemed like the lame version of adorable M.I.A., but now I think it’s a good new-wave and dub album.
Master of My Make-Believe, however, set to be released in three weeks, is gonna be much better. Last year we heard GO, the opening song featuring Karen O, and then she released the first official single Big Mouth: an African dope tune, accompanied with an insane video. Lately she released her new single Disparate Youth (yeah, we all think ours is), and an interesting, not animated yet odd but cool video.
That’s the point: some songs you like and then forget, some songs you’ll like forever, buy only few seem from the very first listening to be nostalgic for you in the future. It almost brought tears to my eyes; I can easily imagine myself in ten years accidently finding this tune and sinking in thoughts about my youth. The funny (or frightening?) thing is that I am in my youth RIGHT NOW. Over-self-awareness? Absolutely.

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