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Thread: Rufus Wainwright

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    Default Rufus Wainwright

    Hi - if anyone likes his music - can you recommend a favourite album?

    I've only got 'Release The Stars' and I'd like to listen to a lttle bit more

    Thanks all

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    Although I am not a big fan, I do have one of Rufus' albums and have seen him perform live once. The album that I own is his self titled debut and I'd definitely recommend it. Also, he was promoting his album Poses when I saw him opening for Tori Amos. There were some good songs from that album. I'm pretty sure that these are also his two most highly acclaimed works.

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    Want One, & Want Two are probably not the best place to start since IMHO they are more patchy than the rest of his stuff. They're good, but Poses is maybe your next port of call.

    Haven't heard his Judy Garland project, but hearing about it made me investigate JG's Judy at Carnegie Hall album, which I'll be ordering soon despite my heterosexuality !!

    Apart from Cliff & Cat...

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