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Thread: Who are you discussing music with?

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    Default Who are you discussing music with?

    I'm doing some research for university, I'm interested in finding out who influences your decisions to go to live gigs and the music you listen to? Is it your friends offline or online that have the most influence? Who do you discuss the experiences with before and after?

    Please take a couple of minutes to complete my survey. There's money in it for you, every fully completed survey is entered into a draw to win a 50 Amazon voucher which you can spend on music of your choice!

    Your help is really appreciated...thank you!

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    So, where do we take this survey?

    To answer some of your questions though, my friends online generally have more influence over my musical tastes and they're the ones I discuss music with. As far as going to concerts, my friends offline have more influence and then I'll discuss it with them after.

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    My alter ego, Kujira Takahashi

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