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    JACK WILSON "jack wilson"

    cannot find any info to add to this via allmusic nor amazon which is strange,especially allmusic as this is where i heard the album!

    listened to this one as the one line allmusic description says "similar to Neil Young and Band Of Horses"....
    well i just had to take a listen with a quote like that!,
    more in common with the folky Neil Young than The Horses, and only slightly reminiscent of NY in parts.
    thirteen tracks on here, for the most part very subdued to the point of being boring IMO. not much happening till well into the second half of the album.
    then we get "the watchers" which has a similar sound to NY's "everybody knows this is nowhere" track from the late 1960s.
    elsewhere though, one or two other semi upbeat tracks along the "everybody knows" sound but overall very,very boring to say the least.
    even vocally, Jack lacks variation here, and very few links from youtube to post,except for several that i do not like here.
    all up, 7 tracks which are ok, and four that i simply do not like giving an initial score of...

    no decent HD links here, but you'll get the idea anyway!

    from the album:

    Jack Wilson & John Elliott - Valhalla - YouTube live version

    i'll do the same
    Jack Wilson - I'll Do The Same (Live @ Kerrville Folk Festi - YouTube live version

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    the crickets sounded cool in that first track
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