ACTRESS - Splazsh (2010)

This is the first studio album released by London based DJ/producer Darren Cunningham under the name Actress. It is a brilliant soundscape of experimental electronic music. Cunningham coins his music as "Rhythm n' Blues Concrete". Wire Magazine nominated it as their number one album for 2010 and it's easy to hear why !

An excellent album for late night listening. There are many genres here...techno dance, dub-step, garage, rhythm and blues,trance and experimental. The album holds your attention and is never predictable!

All Music Rating....4.5/5

Sound Samples - Lost

Actress - Bubble Buts And Equations - YouTube - Bubble Buts and Equations

Actress - Purple Splazsh - YouTube - Purple Splazsh

Actress - Hubble (LIVE at Club Soda, MUTEK MONTRÉAL 04 06 10).MOV - YouTube - Hubble Live