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Thread: the CRAZY HORSE new artists thread

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    Default the CRAZY HORSE new artists thread

    just been thinking that over the last year or so that i have brought several new artists to the attention of MD users in: Boy & Bear, Gotye, Nikki Yanofsky, Lauren Pritchard and Rumer to name a few along with another post i made for Gin Wigmore...
    so i have decided that this year i am going to actively seek out new artists or artists who have only just started to "make waves" in their homelands in order to give you guys the heads up on what may become big in the music industry in the next 12-18 months and for good artists to get some exposure via MD members who may not be fortunate enough to get international music deals at the moment, i would prefer new artists to only be listed and reviewed here and not "side projects" for famous musicians, but we'll take it as it comes, i think!?

    the rules i have set out for myself here are:

    1. they must be relatively new,in other words maybe only released one or two albums,prefferably only in the own country
    2. they must have a degree of originality about their sound or offer something different in what they are doing to the general music scene
    3. they can be of any genre/sub genre
    4. they must have youtube links for me to post them up here
    5. their album will get a full unbiased appraisal based upon reviews from other websites like amazon,allmusic etc along with my thoughts
    6. anyone from the forum can PM me to advise of any bands i should check out, or post your own artist here along as it conforms with the guidelines

    pretty simple really...just try to stick to at least three of the rules i have listed and we'll see how it only expecting to do one or two a month as i have other committments and other posts to post here like the "what are you listening to..." threads...

    so, the new artists thread will officially start off here this weekend!

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    artists in post order:

    1. Gin Wigmore

    2. The Basics

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    very little info regarding Gin on the internet, even her official website says "comig soon", but a seemingly good artist all the same.

    wikki info:

    Virginia "Gin" Wigmore (born 6 June 1986)[2] is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. In 2009, she featured on the single "Brother" by Smashproof, which reached #1 on the RIANZ singles charts for 11 weeks.[3] In 2009 she released her debut album Holy Smoke. On 7 November 2011, she released her second studio album Gravel and Wine.
    Personal lifeVirginia Claire Wigmore, more commonly known as Gin Wigmore, was born in Auckland, New Zealand to Peter and Adrienne Wigmore. Wigmore has two siblings.Lucy Wigmore, who is a professional actress who is well known for starring as Justine Jones in the long running New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street and a role in "Underbelly: Razor" Wigmore also has an older brother Olly.
    While she was in Argentina at age 16, her father died of cancer. Upon her return to New Zealand, she articulated in song the pain of losing her father. One of those early songs, "Hallelujah", won the US-based International Songwriting Competition in 2004,[4] when she beat 11,000 songwriting aspirants from 77 countries to become the youngest and only unsigned Grand Prize winner in the history of the ISC. "Hallelujah" was also featured in the season 6 finale of One Tree Hill.
    “Hallelujah was my way of telling my family I had dealt with dad's passing and honestly. I didn't want to share these feelings with anyone else. I wanted the moment for myself and my family.” --- Gin Wigmore [5]

    Extended Play

    Main article: Extended Play (Gin Wigmore EP)
    Extended Play was Wigmore's first EP. It was produced by Tony Buchen (Blue King Brown, The Whitlams, Macromantics, Kid Confucius) and contains the tracks "Hallelujah", "These Roses", "SOS", "Under My Skin", and "Easy Come Easy Go". Released in 2008, it has peaked at number ten in the New Zealand charts. The EP was certified Platinum in New Zealand on 2 May 2010, selling over 15,000 copies.[6]
    Extended Play was released in Australia on 2 August 2008 by Island Records. Wigmore was the first artist signed with Island Records, a partner company with Universal Music Group, Australia.[5]
    Wigmore's hit single "Under My Skin" was featured on an Air New Zealand advertising campaign, Nothing to Hide.
    The EP features renowned Australian musician John Butler on ukulele on Wigmore's song "SOS".[5]
    Wigmore toured with Australian artist, Pete Murray, on his national tour in August/September 2008. Wigmore toured in 2008, including at the Cross Town Revue in Auckland, New Zealand, and in December 2008, toured with musicians John Mellencamp and Sheryl Crow in New Zealand.
    Holy Smoke

    Main article: Holy Smoke (Gin Wigmore album)
    Recent work has seen her featured in the song and video of the new group, Smashproof, also from Auckland, New Zealand. The song, "Brother", was released in early 2009.
    In 2009, Wigmore released her full length debut album, Holy Smoke, recorded with The Cardinals of Ryan Adams & the Cardinals fame.[7] The first single from the album, "Oh My", debuted on the New Zealand Singles Chart at number twenty-one on 24 August 2009, moving to number seven the following week. It peaked at number four.
    Three other singles were released during 2010, 'I Do' charted at no.14 on the Official New Zealand Singles Chart, while third single 'Hey Ho' missed out on a top 20 position by charting just outside at no.21. The fourth single taken from Holy Smoke was 'Too Late For Lovers', and despite hitting no.3 on the NZ40 Airplay chart, the single failed to crack the national Top 40.
    During the week of 30 May 2010, all four of Wigmore's singles from Holy Smoke appeared on the NZ40 Airplay Chart[8] 'Too Late For Lovers' #7, 'Oh My' #23, 'Hey Ho' #24, 'I Do' #37
    Wigmore's single "Hey Ho" appeared during the closing scenes of the Weeds Season 6 Finale.
    Her song "Stealing Happiness" appeared in the TV movie "Tangiwai".
    Gravel & Wine

    In September 2011, Wigmore revealed the title and release of her new album, Gravel & Wine on her official Facebook page.[9] The first single from this album is slated to be "Black Sheep", and was released 26 September 2011 and peaked so far at #13, while the album's full release will be on 7 November 2011 in New Zealand, followed by later dates in other territories.[10]
    In September 2011, Home Improvement Retailer Lowe's began a new brand campaign featuring Wigmore's single "Don't Stop."[11]

    back to info ive found:

    so far has released half a dozen singles, "brother" feat:smashproof reached #1 in NZ recording sales of 2xplatinum, "oh my" reached #4 NZ also scoring platinum sales there, several other "gold" sales for "i do", "black sheep" and "under my skin".
    both of her albums, the 2009 debut "holy smoke" and the latest offering "gravel and wine" both hit the top spot on the albums charts there. the former reaching sales of 4xplatinum, 2xplatinum for the latter thus so far
    also recieved four awards at the NZ music awards in 2010 for her debut album....

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    info from "wikkipedia"
    The Basics were formed after Kris met Wally at a party in Melbourne. The event was to see off the young aspiring producer, who was about to depart for Los Angeles, and together with a number of musician friends, the two jammed on some blues-rock standards. Later that night, they bonded over a mutual love of The Beatles, 70s and 80s cartoon theme songs and old Sierra adventure games.
    Initially, they played around Melbourne as an acoustic guitar/drums combo, starting at The Opposition in Frankston and the House of Fools in Footscray, where in late 2002 they met Michael Hubbard and later invited him to join them on electric guitar. Though lacking any real experience with the instrument, Kris willingly purchased his first bass guitar, and the trio was born. During this time, the group start performing songs with more complicated three-part harmony.
    During late 2002 and early 2003, The Basics recorded and released an album called Get Back through MGM Distribution. They began what was to become regular tours of the East and West coasts of Australia.

    Tim Heath joined the group in June 2004, after Michael decided to pursue his solo career, which has included being one half of Down Hills Home.Tim was reportedly the only person to reply to an advertisement in Melbourne's Beat Magazine looking for a new guitarist. Tim apparently answered the advertisement - which said the applicant "must have a love of 50s and 60s rock'n'roll" - thinking that he would be meeting "a couple of old guys to play with on the weekends over some beers". They soon recorded For Girls Like You.
    The Basics in 2005 continued to tour and play small festivals, and after releasing For Girls Like You through MGM Distribution, they departed for a national tour of Australia, which lasted for two months and took them to every Australian state and territory. Stuart Padbury, a young Melbourne sound engineer, joined them on much of this tour. On returning, the band began demonstrating songs for a new album.

    In 2006, The Basics began recording what was to become known as Stand Out/Fit In. Taking several months, it was not completed until the end of the year, despite intentions to have it released in June. Instead, they held a successful 'album preview', where each of the tracks was demonstrated in 'rough form' accompanied by a music video for each (produced by Melbourne photographic artist James Bryans). The band also talked about the origins of the songs. This event brought a lot of attention to the band for the idea's originality. They pre-released a radio single 'Just Hold On' from the album. The band were invited to play the hugely popular Homebake Festival in Sydney, where they received a great response ("one of the highlights" wrote The Daily Telegraph).
    In 2007, the band departed on a tri-state residency which saw them play Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane every week for the month of April - a bold move which brought further attention to the band for its original idea. Riding on the wave of this tour, Schroeder, De Backer and Heath departed on their first overseas tour which saw them performing 26 shows around Japan, Norway and the United Kingdom. They also toured twice more up the East Coast, one of which was with popular Japanese band The Bawdies. Their song 'Rattle My Chain' was used in a series of commercials for Volvo Australia. The song 'Hey There!' featured in the British film The Bank Job - starring Jason Statham - and was used as the backing for a February 2007 short film directed by Tim Longhurst called The Rip. Their song 'Better' was featured in a surfing documentary about the invention of the shortboard in 1967.
    In 2008, the band appeared on Australia's Channel 9 for Australia Day celebrations, performing two of their songs - 'Just Hold On' and 'Hey There!' - to an estimated audience of 2 million. Securing an Australian Government grant, they embarked on a two-month tour of Australia, specifically targeting "culturally underprivileged groups" in rural and regional schoolchildren and Indigenous communities. The programme had them holding masterclasses and performing alongside Indigenous groups in the remote Northern Territory and Queensland.Their initiative also had them raising money for the charity Lifeline[disambiguation needed ], their contribution to which was recognised with a plaque at the end of the tour. Season two of Californication starring David Duchovny featured their cover of the classic 'Have Love, Will Travel', most famously covered by 'The Sonics'.
    In 2009, The Basics for the first time enjoyed the support of Australian radio network Triple J, which had reportedly snubbed the band's previous material. The singles 'With This Ship' and 'Like A Brother' were added to the station's playlist, and momentum carried The Basics overseas for a second tour of the United Kingdom and Norway, and also a series of shows in Dublin, Ireland. They were joined by the longtime front-of-house engineer Stuart Padbury, who had been mixing them since 2005. The band was often seen in the Grafton Street Mall in Dublin, busking to promote their concerts there. Their second show in Oslo, Norway, saw the band perform with Hot Tub, one of the members of the Norwegian boy band "Boyzvoice", in his first performance for several years. Season Eight of Scrubs featured the song 'Lookin' Over My Shoulder'.
    Despite all this promise, the band's album Keep Your Friends Close - produced and part-recorded by Peter Cobbin at London's Abbey Road Studios - though enjoying many favourable reviews,[ failed to impress Richard Kingsmill, music director of Triple J. This effectively ended the band's apparent upward spiral and the resulting album launch tour was reportedly "trying".

    my take on these guys:

    ok, i have one of these guys albums and like wikki states they are very much a 1960s pop based sounding band,there are two covers of old rock songs on the album i have, one is quite good, the other now so good, but overall they appear to be a reasonably good little band...

    unbeknown to me at the time of starting this post,it appears that the drummer/vocalist Wally De Backer is none other than the man we now know as Gotye...i thought the vocals and sound sounded familliar, but i only just clicked with me...
    i guess then that The Basics do not really fit this thread as they are known outside their home country(well in a round about way anyway!), but this post stays now!!!!

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    Just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea Crazy-Horse!

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    Jules Day


    Instrument: Vocal

    Jules Day has developed a unique sound that has almost become its own genre. Decorating each self-penned song with a proficient voice that sounds unlike any other singer, the style is increasingly being referred to as simply “Jules Day music,” a hybrid of Day’s life-long musical influence including pop, blues, jazz, and bossa nova. After successfully auditioning to become a member of a nationally known music ensemble, 18 year-old Jules packed her suitcase and drove from her hometown of Minneapolis to Los Angeles to start her music career. Barely settled in Southern California, Jules received an offer to pursue a solo career as a recording artist and immediately entered the recording studio to work on her debut album. Following the album’s release, and at the tender age of only 20 years old, Jules began headlining the city’s top music clubs. Jules’ second album, Day Dreams, is now released and contains 12 brand new, original songs that span the mood spectrum while containing an infectious spirit that almost dares one to try to not sing along. With an ever-growing catalog of great songs and an ability to deliver them like no other singer can, the possibilities are limitless for this talented artist. If watching her climb to the top turns out to be half as much fun as it has been watching her perform live, we’re in for a treat in the days ahead.

    Press Quotes:
    “Jules Day has the vibe, the enthusiasm, and the sheer irresistibility of a star in the making. She has the blond and slender look of a youthful Diana Krall, but the resemblance stops there. Unlike Krall, whose vocals have always worked best when they flow from her piano playing, Day is a stand-up singer, intimately immersed in her songs, digging into their
    inner meaning with a constant surprising sense of emotive maturity.”--Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

    Info from
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    Jules Day (This artist is one of my favorites.) She has released 2 albums "Jules Day" & "Day Dreams". I just tried to post multiple videos here but it won't allow me to so I guess I'll have to post them one at a time.

    This is a blues tune by Jules called "Dues".

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    Jules Day - Freedom (A Latin-tinged tune based on a true story of one family's escape from Cuba.)

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    Jules Day - Rio

    She has a few more videos on YouTube but I guess that's enough for now.
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