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Thread: The Explorers Club New Album Grand Hotel!

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    Default The Explorers Club New Album Grand Hotel!

    Hey everyone!

    Hope you're all enjoying your Valentine's Day!

    I just wanted to take a minute and share some great music with you. One of my favorite artists, The Explorers Club, has a new album out today titles Grand Hotel. They have a vibe similar to The Beach Boys, so if you love them definitely check them out!

    Here's a link to the album on Amazon: Grand Hotel: The Explorers Club: Music

    If you guys could give it a listen and then if you like it, share with friends and/or purchase a copy that would be amazing! A digital copy is only $4.99! You can also purchase a cd or a copy on vinyl for those who like to have a physical copy of their music.


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    My partner said she wanted a Valentine's gift that would make her life easier and more meaningful as opposed to trinkets and flowers and all the usual stuff people buy. She was not impressed with the new high-speed vacuum cleaner I bought - a Dyson no less! With matching attachments too! I thought this accessorising thing was important to the ladies. Now even the dog won't let me sleep in the kennel tonight - (another female by the way). Bugger Valentines Day............I certainly won't be making ANY effort next year!
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