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Thread: Paul McCartney Live Stream

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    Default Paul McCartney Live Stream

    So I wasn't sure what forum to put this post in because it's about Paul McCartney (rock legend) but it is concerning his new album "Kisses at the Bottom" which I believe is a throw back to 1920's and 30's big band, lounge act sort of music.

    Well iTunes just finished their live stream of a performance by Paul McCartney and the orchestra of musicians backing him up. I managed to catch the last half hour. I have to say i was not nearly as disappointed as I thought I'd be. I mean I am a Beatles fan, I like some solo McCartney work but when i heard he was doing this throw back album of, I think, all cover songs, I wasn't too excited.

    It's not that I don't like that type of music, I just never really saw him as that sort of singer. On top of that some people were saying it wasn't a good album at all. But I watched it and I have to say, I was rather impressed. The music was very pretty and very well orchestrated. Paul can't quite carry a tune like he used to but he sounded pretty good. He whistles very well which I envy a little because I can't whistle at all.

    All in all I enjoyed the performances. I may even consider getting the album. I probably won't listen to it often but if I'm in the mood for something chill or if I'm having a night with my girlfriend, I would consider throwing it on.

    Did anybody else catch the live stream? If so what did you think? If not have you heard any of the album and what do you think? If you haven't got any cool McCartney stories?

    Thanks for reading!!

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    our resident Maccahead (CRAZY-HORSE) posted his review in the Jazz forum.
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