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  1. Hey jazz. Thanks for your concern! I know about the benefits of waiting until full retirement age but I need the money and am very sick so I decided to go ahead and sign up for SS. I have not worked outside of the home since 96 because of my health. I can't see me making it to 80. I need the money to help with my health insurance. My hubby agreed. Good to hear from you!! Hope we can be friends!! ....Luv and respect to you, Linda
  2. Dear RebelGirl--It is entirely your business and entirely none of mine at what age you apply for Social Security. Your household finances are also none of my biz, but you are aware that by taking SS the instant you first can, you are doing yourself out of a lot of money in future years? 25% less, forever. There is no way to reset the clock and you may live (I sure hope you live) into your 80's. If you can find a way, any way, to postpone till 66, I urge you to do so. Please look up the Social Security Minimum Retirement Age for confirmation and details.
    Presented if not with love, at least great respect,

    dominus vobiscum,
    Ed Devlin
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