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29-06-2010, 11:18
released June 29th, 2010


from the album - Wake Up The Sun


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The Indianapolis-based Christian metalcore band Haste the Day formed in 2001. Guitarist/vocalist Brennan Chaulk, his drummer brother Devin, and bassist/vocalist Mike Murphy originally gigged as a three-piece, but six months after the group's inception they added longtime friend Jason Barnes as a second guitarist, and after a series of auditions named Jimmy Ryan their lead vocalist. After self-releasing That They May Know You in 2002, Haste the Day signed to the Tooth & Nail label's Solid State subsidiary to issue their breakthrough LP, Burning Bridges, in the spring of 2004. They spent the year on shows with bands like As I Lay Dying and Zao, and their next album, When Everything Falls, appeared the following summer. In late 2005, Ryan announced his pending marriage and quit the band, playing his last show with them that December. A few months later, the remaining members of Haste the Day added new vocalist Stephen Keech, formerly of New Day Awakening. Pressure the Hinges arrived in March 2007, and the guys supported it on dates with From Autumn to Ashes and Maylene & the Sons of Disaster. Haste the Day followed up with their fifth album, Attack of the Wolf King, in 2010.

album review

Indianapolis-based Christian metalcore band Haste the Day specialize in precision-cut machine gun beats and tight, Iron Maiden-inspired “guitarmonies” paired with traditional angst-fueled screamo choruses that skillfully bring the room together. Attack of the Wolf King, the band’s fourth long-player, treats that formula like dogma, and while the playing is impeccable and the holy fury is filled with conviction, the fatigue that sets in about halfway through is all too real. Album highlights like “Wake Up the Sun,” "The Un-Manifest,” and “Crush Resistance” benefit from strong vocals and the occasional deviation from the script, as well as a healthy respect for brevity (no epics here), but the rest of the cuts (minus the cloying, Twilight soundtrack-ready ballad “White as Snow”) tear through one ear and explode like shrapnel out of the other, resulting in an adequate collection of emo/thrash/aggro/gospel that doesn’t have too much to say, but keeps it short enough that listeners get to hear the whole pitch before they politely decline.

Track Listing

1 Wake Up the Sun Haste the Day 3:23
2 Dog Like Vultures Haste the Day 3:45
3 The Quiet, Deadly Ticking Haste the Day 2:49
4 Travesty Haste the Day 3:59
5 Merit for Sadness Haste the Day 3:12
6 The Un-Manifest Haste the Day 3:15
7 The Place Where Most Deny Haste the Day 3:58
8 White as Snow Haste the Day 4:40
9 Crush Resistance Haste the Day 3:16
10 Walk with a Crooked Spine Haste the Day 3:41
11 My Name Is Darkness Haste the Day 2:25