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Music Head
22-06-2010, 10:14
Show No Mercy (1983)


Track Listing

1. "Evil Has No Boundaries" Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King King 3:09
2. "The Antichrist" Hanneman Hanneman, King 2:49
3. "Die By the Sword" Hanneman Hanneman 3:36
4. "Fight Till Death" Hanneman Hanneman 3:37
5. "Metal Storm/Face the Slayer" King Hanneman, King 4:53
6. "Black Magic" King Hanneman, King 4:03
7. "Tormentor" Hanneman Hanneman 3:45
8. "The Final Command" King Hanneman, King 2:32
9. "Crionics" Hanneman, King Hanneman, King 3:29
10. "Show No Mercy" King King 3:06

Hell Awaits (1985)


Track Listing

1. "Hell Awaits" Kerry King Jeff Hanneman, King 6:12
2. "Kill Again" King Hanneman, King 4:53
3. "At Dawn They Sleep" Hanneman, King, Tom Araya Hanneman 6:16
4. "Praise of Death" Hanneman King 5:17
5. "Necrophiliac" Hanneman, King Hanneman 3:43
6. "Crypts of Eternity" Hanneman, King, Araya Hanneman, King 6:37
7. "Hardening of the Arteries" Hanneman Hanneman 3:57

Reign In Blood (1986)


Track Listing

1. "Angel of Death" Jeff Hanneman Hanneman 4:51
2. "Piece by Piece" Kerry King King 2:02
3. "Necrophobic" Hanneman, King Hanneman, King 1:40
4. "Altar of Sacrifice" King Hanneman 2:50
5. "Jesus Saves" King Hanneman, King 2:54
6. "Criminally Insane" Hanneman, King Hanneman, King 2:23
7. "Reborn" King Hanneman 2:11
8. "Epidemic" King Hanneman, King 2:23
9. "Postmortem" Hanneman Hanneman 3:28
10. "Raining Blood" Hanneman, King Hanneman 4:14

South Of Heaven (1988)


Track Listing

1. "South of Heaven" Tom Araya Jeff Hanneman 4:56
2. "Silent Scream" Araya Hanneman, Kerry King 3:06
3. "Live Undead" King, Araya Hanneman 3:49
4. "Behind the Crooked Cross" Hanneman Hanneman 3:14
5. "Mandatory Suicide" Araya Hanneman, King 4:04
6. "Ghosts of War" King Hanneman, King 3:52
7. "Read Between the Lies" King, Araya Hanneman 3:19
8. "Cleanse the Soul" King, Araya Hanneman 3:01
9. "Dissident Aggressor" (Judas Priest cover) Rob Halford K.K. Downing, Glenn Tipton 2:34
10. "Spill the Blood" Hanneman Hanneman 4:47

Seasons In The Abyss (1990)


Track Listing

1. "War Ensemble" Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman Hanneman 4:54
2. "Blood Red" Araya Hanneman 2:50
3. "Spirit in Black" Kerry King Hanneman 4:07
4. "Expendable Youth" Araya King 4:10
5. "Dead Skin Mask" Araya Hanneman 5:20
6. "Hallowed Point" Araya, Hanneman Hanneman, King 3:24
7. "Skeletons of Society" King King 4:41
8. "Temptation" King King 3:26
9. "Born of Fire" King Hanneman, King 3:07
10. "Seasons in the Abyss" Araya Hanneman 6:42

Divine Intervention (1994)


Track Listing

1. "Killing Fields" Tom Araya Kerry King 3:57
2. "Sex. Murder. Art." Araya King 1:50
3. "Fictional Reality" King King 3:38
4. "Dittohead" King King 2:31
5. "Divine Intervention" Slayer Hanneman, King 5:33
6. "Circle of Beliefs" King King 4:30
7. "SS-3" Hanneman Hanneman, King 4:07
8. "Serenity in Murder" Araya Hanneman, King 2:36
9. "213" Araya Hanneman 4:52
10. "Mind Control" Araya, King Hanneman, King 3:04

Undisputed Attitude (1996)


Track Listing

1. "Disintegration"
"Free Money" Eric Mastrokalos, Brett Dodwell, Roy Hansen Verbal Abuse 1:41
2. "Verbal Abuse"
"Leeches" Mastrokalos, Dodwell, Hansen Verbal Abuse 1:58
3. "Abolish Government"
"Superficial Love" Todd Barnes, Ron Emory, Jack Grisham, Mike Roche T.S.O.L. 1:48
4. "Can't Stand You" Jeff Hanneman Slayer 1:27
5. "Ddamm" Jeff Hanneman Slayer 1:01
6. "Guilty of Being White" Brian Baker, Jeff Nelson, Ian MacKaye, Lyle Preslar Minor Threat 1:07
7. "I Hate You" Mastrokalos, Dodwell, Hansen Verbal Abuse 2:16
8. "Filler"
"I Don't Want to Hear It" Baker, Nelson, MacKaye, Preslar Minor Threat 2:28
9. "Spiritual Law" Casey Royer, Rikk Agnew, John Calabro D.I. 3:00
10. "Mr. Freeze" Kyle Toucher Dr. Know 2:24
11. "Violent Pacification" Spike Cassidy, Kurt Brecht D.R.I. 2:38
12. "Richard Hung Himself" Royer, Fred Traccone D.I. 3:22
13. "I'm Gonna Be Your God" (parody tribute of "I Wanna Be Your Dog") James Osterberg, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, David Alexander The Stooges 2:58
14. "Gemini" Kerry King, Tom Araya Slayer 4:53

Diabolus In Musica (1998)


Track Listing

1. "Bitter Peace" Jeff Hanneman Hanneman 4:32
2. "Death's Head" Hanneman Hanneman 3:34
3. "Stain of Mind" Kerry King Hanneman 3:24
4. "Overt Enemy" Hanneman Hanneman 4:41
5. "Perversions of Pain" King Hanneman 3:33
6. "Love to Hate" Hanneman, King Hanneman 3:07
7. "Desire" Tom Araya Hanneman 4:20
8. "In the Name of God" King King 3:40
9. "Scrum" King Hanneman 2:16
10. "Screaming from the Sky" Hanneman, King, Araya Hanneman 3:12
11. "Point" King Hanneman 4:11

God Hates Us All (2001)


Track Listing

1. "Darkness of Christ" Kerry King Jeff Hanneman 1:30
2. "Disciple" King Hanneman 3:35
3. "God Send Death" Tom Araya, Hanneman Hanneman 3:47
4. "New Faith" King King 3:05
5. "Cast Down" King King 3:26
6. "Threshold" King Hanneman 2:29
7. "Exile" King King 3:55
8. "Seven Faces" King King 3:41
9. "Bloodline" Araya, Hanneman Hanneman, King 3:36
10. "Deviance" Araya, Hanneman Hanneman 3:08
11. "War Zone" King King 2:45
12. "Here Comes the Pain" King King 3:29
13. "Payback" King King 3:05

Christ Illusion (2006)


Track Listing

1. "Flesh Storm" Kerry King King 4:16
2. "Catalyst" King King 3:09
3. "Skeleton Christ" King King 4:22
4. "Eyes of the Insane" Tom Araya Jeff Hanneman 3:24
5. "Jihad" Araya Hanneman 3:32
6. "Consfearacy" King King 3:09
7. "Catatonic" King King 4:56
8. "Black Serenade" Araya, Hanneman Hanneman 3:18
9. "Cult" King King 4:42
10. "Supremist" King King 3:51

Music Head
22-06-2010, 10:29
It is not necessary to post as to why you voted the way you did, but it would be interesting to the rest of us.

Note - For your vote to be counted, you must check the box at the top of the thread. By just making a post to comment on your selection will not include that selection in the poll.

Note - To keep it at one thread there is 1 album I did not include in the poll options. That is the latest album titled World Painted Blood. You may still vote for that album by posting as a comment.

22-06-2010, 10:53
That's a pretty tough one since Reign in Blood, South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss are equally top-notch thrash albums. I voted for Reign in Blood, just for the legacy.

By the way: Decade of Agression Live is the shit.

goth metal raver
22-06-2010, 14:29
I agree that Reign in Blood, South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss are all total classics.

Reign in Blood is the most influential and is a very good album. A lot of the tracks on South of Heaven are also personal favourites of mine.

But I picked Seasons in the Abyss because it is kind of a combination of the full-on thrash of Reign in Blood and the slower, gloomier feel of South of Heaven - and it also has a lot of classic tracks on it.

05-08-2010, 22:14
Yeah, Reign in Blood really sums what the group is about. "Bloodline" is probably one of my favorite songs.

29-03-2011, 15:33
:evil::nod:Everything Slayer does is great! Reign in Blood gets my vote and then South of Heaven then Seasons!

30-03-2011, 09:45
The best Schlayer album will be th' last one. )

13-06-2011, 13:18
Tough one indeed! :) but my personal favorite is South of Heaven. Used to be on endless play in my car back in the day :) I love the overall sound, compositions and engineering of this album. To me it was also a transitory time for Slayer after Reign in Blood. Not to say the others, especially Seasons are lesser albums, this one just had more staying power for me

20-09-2011, 00:57
I'm not that big on metal anymore but Slayer will always be one of my faves. Even though Reign in blood is amazing I think Seasons was a better album overall.

25-09-2011, 14:45
Gota go with Reign In Blood.