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07-06-2010, 16:27
Each week an album is chosen , mostly this is by the members of the forum.
( There are times when exceptions are made to this :

A request by a member
A external body makes a request
No request are received so the choice is made by a moderator or administrator

For each album the is to be reviewed it is essential to have the following

A source for members to access the album...this can be a download, a my space connection, a we 7 connection or another approved source source......

( As a forum we have debated the issue of artist rights and the compromise was made that we will try to take a legitimate source if we can , if needs be we will use a download if no other way is possible...
however , we feel that once the download has been used, it would be respectful to delete it from your computer when it has een used)

The final decision as to which album will be used will be left with the moderator.

The format:

Each album review lasts for one week

Each album review is started in anew thread and this is placed on the forum by the moderator ( At present the system has been changed so that only Moderators or Administrators have access to thread creation on this part of the forum)

Then ,members reviews may be added to the thread as appropriate.

Mostly the review is replaced after one week but the thread will remain active as long as it is seen as practical.

If for some reason the link has been opened to us by an outside party for our use in reviewing, it is considered reasonable to remove that thread at he request of an outside party.

If members supply a link for a download , then the link should be tested by an moderator or an administrator to check that it conforms to the requirements of the forum......A member who adds a link for a review is welcome to do so as long as they accept that the forum can not be responsible for any action taken by external bodies for the use of that link.:cool: