View Full Version : Why do the Style Council get such bad reviews

Leftfield Shoegazer
29-04-2010, 20:28
Not necessarily from music critics, but general lay-folk - like me - who love music forever criticise The Style Council and that they were a mistake by Paul Weller.

To me Paul Weller deserves the title of 'modfather' and is a genius and legend in music in my opinion, but to me it appears as though The Style Council are criticised because Weller wanted to venture into another musical direction and not make The Jam part 2. Personally I feel Weller is criticised for disbanding The Jam for the Style Council and people just can't get over it. What do others think?

29-04-2010, 21:29
I think Paul has done a lot in his career and is an excellent musician, however, he is not the original force that one might believe ............The Jam were a great band with impact and style but they followed on from the Kinks and other bands in the sixties................The atitude Paul put across was copied from others and thus he sold something that was not really his this s not a sin and it is not the first time this has happened but, he offended certain sections of the press and many music fans.................Now, as I say I don't think he did this on purpose but, it did happen and as such some people used it as a stick to beat him with and that carried onto his work in the style council and his solo work......................:biggrin::cool: